Complaint Resolution System

Online Review Resolution Center

Fair Business Report offers a dynamic internal private chat system that sets our review platform apart from the rest. After receiving a negative review on your FBR profile, your business can interact with disgruntled customers until the situation is resolved to their satisfaction. Connecting with frustrated consumers allows your business to understand the situation and offer an explanation, apology and promise to conduct exceptional levels of service in the future. Strengthen relationships with customers during the process by directing them during conversation to your other online platforms that inspire them to learn more about the company culture you routinely adhere by.

Fair Business Report Resolution Report Process

Our resolution report process allows your business to dispute negative reviews left on other external review sites. Simply create your response and share your resolution report link as a comment on the external review site. This link will drive traffic to your FBR profile where customers can read your response and hear your side of the story. Build a profile with Fair Business Report today and transform a misunderstanding into a valuable customer service experience.

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