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Customer Commitment

Universal Events accelerates market share growth and expands brand awareness through dynamic on-site promotional campaigns.


Address 1047 Serpentine Ln #200
Pleasanton , CA - 94566
Contact (925)-223-6600


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Company Description

Universal Events grows businesses and expands brand awareness through the efforts of its team of highly-skilled and innovative marketing professionals. Our team applies the latest research methods to analyze markets and understand each client’s ideal customer base. We implement our promotional campaigns quickly and efficiently in order to maximize brand exposure. As a result, when a client entrusts their brand to our experts, they can focus on their day-to-day business with the knowledge that their public profile is growing.


We ensure a high return on investment for each and every client because we implement widespread experiential campaigns that expand reach without breaking our clients’ budgets.


Company History

Universal Events was founded with the simple goal of expanding the market share and enhancing the public profile of businesses of all sizes. We have always placed a strong emphasis on collaborative creativity, and we have built a team of executives who go above and beyond to produce measurable results for our clients. The dedicated efforts of our team members have led to exceptional growth for our company and an increased demand for our innovative experiential promotions. Wherever the future takes us, our firm will continue to drive business growth and increase brand awareness through unique and interactive marketing campaigns.

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