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Customer Commitment

Third Coast Events, Inc. specializes in customized marketing services using interactive advertising techniques to increase your market share.

Address 1415 North Loop W. Suite 730
Houston , TX - 77008
Contact (832)649-2559


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Company Description

Third Coast Events, Inc. improves your return on investment by streamlining your advertising and brand promotion to achieve effective market results. Release in-house resources currently spent on marketing and promotion and transfer your requirements to us. Our team of promotional experts will help you develop an advertising strategy using the latest in research and promotion channels. We work beyond traditional advertising using print or broadcast. Instead, our methods implement high-performance methods for consumer outreach by creating specific market targets.   

We start by considering your expansion goals and from there, we define your ideal audience to achieve the best reach. This concentrates effort on the ideal portion of the market and avoids wasted efforts. Your return on investment will improve with this focused approach. That’s our promise to you.

Company History

Third Coast Events, Inc. started with a vision of innovation for both our business approach and our personnel. We started as a small group of marketing specialists who continually encouraged one another to pursue higher standards. This supportive atmosphere, coupled with our devotion to innovation in advertising, created our marketing firm that today supports continued development and improvement. 

As our firm has grown, we have continued to assure that each team member develops the skills needed to meet our standards and to deliver strong results for our clients. Between the betterment of executives and the development of innovative advertising strategy, we now enjoy exceptional growth as we continue to improve the market share of our clients as well.

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