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Customer Commitment

Prestige NY expands market influence and brings introcutionary promotional services to consumers.

Address 17 Brandywine Drive
Deer Park , NY - 11729
Contact 631-242-1675


Total Reviews: 29
Last Update: 05-24-17 at 03:47 PM

Company Description

Prestige NY is a leader in customer outreach, promotional events, and lead generation. We’ve chosen to focus on creating connections between brands and organizations that are making a difference in our world, including Assurance Wireless and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We believe that our expertise in interactive marketing allows our talented sales and marketing analysts to not only expand the markets for the brands we represent, but also to provide support to worthwhile agencies that serve countless families throughout the country.

With each highly-impactful campaign, we aim to achieve growth for brands and philanthropic organizations alike. Our quickly-deployed initiatives reach high levels of market saturation much more effectively than conventional marketing methods. This ensures we generate big investment returns and social change simultaneously.

Company History

Prestige NY is a premier provider of on-site marketing initiatives that drive impressive customer acquisition. Their expertly-trained marketing managers apply cutting-edge research techniques to analyze markets and demographics. This results in focused campaigns that engage each client’s most receptive customers. The firm utilizes an interactive approach that far outperforms old-fashioned indirect promotional tools such as TV ads, telemarketing, and billboards.


Prestige NY doesn’t waste valuable time when positioning their memorable on-site promotions. Within weeks, their advertising experts plan and implement a widespread, personalized initiative. This ensures rapid increases in profitability and brand awareness for the firm’s diverse portfolio of clients.

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