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Customer Commitment

B.A.P., Inc. delivers market-tested lead generation services guaranteed to expand brand reach and profitability.

Address 705 W Lake Lansing Rd
East Lansing , MI - 48823
Contact (517)-488-9532


Total Reviews: 24
Last Update: 05-17-18 at 03:18 PM

Company Description

B.A.P., Inc. is the region’s top provider of lead generation services, offering outreach initiatives that effectively spread the word about the services we represent. Our company’s dynamic group of executives create well-researched strategies that leverage revolutionary promotional channels, which are far more impactful than any passive, indirect alternatives, such as television and radio spots. By dedicating our expertise to every project we manage, we ensure that businesses of any size can focus on the work they do best. 

Furthermore, our team members keep the objectives of the brands we serve as their central focus throughout the entire development process. We implement pervasive experiential solutions aimed precisely at the most receptive market segments within just weeks. This allows for broad reach in record time, guaranteeing high returns.

Company History

B.A.P., Inc. was formed when a diligent group of marketing executives joined forces to produce outreach strategies that could generate leads more effectively than any other approach in the industry. With intense discipline and perseverance, they developed an unforgettable presence in the promotional sector. Thanks to this level of integrity, our business has experienced phenomenal success. To continue on this upward path, we’ve produced a training program that promotes innovation, accountability, and mutual support. As a result, everyone on our team is motivated to generate top-quality results for the services we represent. Our professionals are also rewarded with significant career advancement for their ongoing contributions.

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