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Customer Commitment

Lynx specializes in experiential, results-based promotional events to reach new demographics. 

Address 900 Walt Whitman Road Suite 106 Melville, NY
Melville , New York - 11747
Contact (631) 824-6360


Total Reviews: 17
Last Update: 11-29-16 at 02:15 PM

Company Description

Lynx is the region’s leading all-service provider of experiential promotions, creating and launching campaigns that alleviate clients of their outreach challenges. The firm’s innovative team of marketing managers combines well-planned strategies, sharply-focused research, and unique means of advertising that are significantly more impactful than traditional magazine and newspaper ads. By applying its highest potential to every project it manages, the company helps businesses of all sizes direct their full attention to their core products and services.


Clients’ long-term goals for expansion are Lynx's primary consideration throughout the strategic planning process. The firm implements dynamic promotions that have great reach, and are targeted at highly-specific audiences. All this happens in only a few weeks, which promises the highest possible returns.

Company History

Lynx was born from a vision for conducting advertising in an innovative way unlike any other. A small group of innovative marketing managers gathered together and pushed one another to excel, thereby creating a powerful force in the industry. We have enjoyed exceptional business growth, which is the direct result of a resolute commitment to our team and our modern, experiential approach to promotions. Furthermore, we have developed a self-driven, in-depth training system through which all our team members are educated and encouraged to secure impressive results on behalf of our clients. We promise remarkable career advancement to those marketing managers who contribute to our team’s success.

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